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LMG Ltd.  Engine  Overhaul  Factory was founded   in 1926 and  bought by  Heinz G. Engels  in 1978,   HGE a  licensed   Engine  Technician  in  the  Maritime  Industry.  HGE´s  main   Business   Activity  consisted   of   Engine  Overhauls for  Trucks and  Big  Ships  Engines  between 100 to    90.000 HP. Thats all we could do only with our qualified  99 Employees. 

Heinz Günther Engels was Single Shareholder of  SMG Ltd - HGE is very  well known for  his Know  How at Costumers such as,  American  Government, German  Government,  Mercedes, Caterpillar,  MTU, MAN , Deutz, MWM, Dogeford, Mitzubishi, Yanmar, Ferguson and much more. His Reputation reached Clients worldwide through Honesty and high Qualification of Service. In the year 2000 HGE terminated and gave the Company in the hand to an Managing Director

In the Year  2000  HGE  transitioned to  the international Aircraft Sales Market with the same Business Principlies with foundation of honestly